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Omedom's values are SHARING and TRANSMISSION. This is at the heart of Omedom. In this way, we humbly participate in facilitating the transfer of assets. But it doesn't stop there. We are sensitive to the environmental and social issues in the world around us. From the very start of our adventure, Coline has met many actors from regional and national scene. And naturally, we became partners.

I Loge You

Created in 2013, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the I LOGE YOU Foundation’s mission is to raise funds from professionals in the real estate, building, Construction and Housing to finance better housing projects (renovation, construction, bringing up to standard, fighting fuel poverty, etc.) led by associations, real estate companies or other competent bodies.

Nature En Occitanie

Nature En Occitanie (NEO) is an association under the French law of 1901, approved by the French Ministry of the Environment for the protection of the environment. Most of its actions are carried out with the financial support of, and in partnership with, institutional decision-makers and local authorities. Recognized as an organization of general interest, its aim is to protect and enhance the region’s natural heritage, based on 4 major actions: Knowledge, awareness, warning and understanding.

Coline SINQUIN, a native of the Cathar lands, grew up between Toulouse, Ariège and Tarn. When OMEDOM was created, there were family assets. These properties are located in these Occitan lands.

CS : “A heritage can be movable, real estate, family, financial…but these days, natural heritage is a major issue that we’re bequeathing to the next generations. It’s all about heritage.”

With OMEDOM, she wants to share her values of transmission and heritage with the association NEO (Nature en Occitanie), to participate collectively in the conservation of our territories: preservation of biodiversity, protection of protected species…where nature reclaims its rights.



SISTA is an NGO whose mission is to reduce the funding gap between men and women entrepreneurs.

SISTA supports women entrepreneurs, helps investment funds diversify their portfolios and produces data on women in tech. The start-up ecosystem at the service of women entrepreneurs!

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