Omedom noticed at CES Las Vegas !

"5 647 miles from home, what the hell am I doing here?!"

Welcome OMEDOM at the CES in Las Vegas, the largest gathering of innovations in the world.


Selected by the Occitanie region, Omedom, the only «proptech» start-up (digital technologies serving property) in France represented in Las Vegas, did not fail to be noticed.


Omedom was part of the selection of French startups with high growth potential, selected by Business France to present their solution to the Japanese mega-investment fund Softbank.


Following this exclusive presentation, we received many visits to our CES stand: investors and financial institutions seduced by our original positioning.


Stuck in the 70's ?

Omedom is aimed at both individual property owners and wealth management professionals who act for their owner clients. Finally, thanks to artificial intelligence, Omedom values its anonymous Big Data as a source of additional services and revenue.


Generation X on the front lines will inherit the wealth held by baby boomers in the next 10 to 20 years. A new face of home ownership is emerging. We must anticipate it!


Besides, that was our theme at CES: “Stuck in 70’s?”


The vintage outfits were part of the package.

A tornado in the desert

This is only the beginning of the adventure! But what a whirlwind that CES, in this context boosted, mediatized, hyper innovative in the middle of Nevada. 


A strong American experience, which makes it possible to verify the interest of our complete solution with audiences from all continents. We are responding to a clearly identified need that goes beyond borders.


Upon their return, the co-founder team joined the SISTA Promo 2024 network in partnership with AXA France. A way for OMEDOM to accelerate its growth on a large scale.

It is also an incredible chance for the team to have been selected by the CTA and AD’OCC to exhibit OMEDOM at the CES in Las Vegas from January 9 to 12, 2024.

Do you have a new real estate investment project ? 😃